Dyeing + C6 Soft Water Splash + Composite Stone
Application use:
Jackets, coats
Application type:
Leisure sport
Application season:
spring autumn winter
Product description


> Effect display <


> Product introduction <

Graphene film composite, no gall fleece, cotton texture and surface texture become the highlights of this fabric;

Nylon different yarn materials are interwoven, presenting a cotton feel and also having the function of no gall and fleece prevention. Black yarn is added in the warp direction, and the color of the cloth surface shows a two-color effect, which enhances the advantage of the fabric in casual style;

During the dyeing process, the cloth surface is slightly wrinkled with a special dyeing technique. The post-processing uses a 2.5-layer graphene composite process to bring conductive, heat-generating, and far-infrared functions to the fabric.


Product selling points:

1: Graphene film

2: texture

3: cotton feel

4: no bile down


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