Single desizing + C6 antistatic soft water splashing + general calendering
Application use:
Bold down jacket, jacket, trench coat
Application type:
Casual fashion
Application season:
spring autumn winter
Product description

> Effect display <


> Product introduction <

Environmental protection has become the main trend in the development of the textile industry, as the focus of development of enterprises;

This series of fabrics use colored yarn material as the fabric base structure, which effectively reduces the environmental pollution of the dyeing process. The yarn material is added in the spinning stage to improve the overall color fastness of the fabric;

The nylon 20D specification yarn material is used in the combination of warp and weft black + color to create a two-color metallic luster of the fabric and a high-density weave structure of plain weave.


Product selling points:

1: color yarn

2: no gall fleece

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