Dyeing + C6 soft antistatic water splashing + three-layer composite TPU transparent film + shaker
Application use:
Outerwear, trench coat, soft shell clothing
Application type:
Sports, leisure, outdoor
Application season:
spring autumn winter
Product description

> Effect display <

> Product introduction <

The dense touch, zonal elasticity and multi-layer composite fleece make this fabric the biggest feature;

The fabric is made of polyester plain weave high “F” number yarn and high elastic yarn. The texture is dense, and the cloth surface has the ability of high elasticity in the weft direction. At the same time, it has a semi-glossy gloss, which improves the comfort of wearing and the outdoor and sports style.

The finishing uses three-layer composite TPU transparent film + flakes, which makes the fabric more superior in compactness, thermal insulation performance and stiff feel.


Product selling points:

1: Multi-layer compound shaker

2: zonal elasticity

3: dense touch


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