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Sanfu (China) Group is a comprehensive enterprise founded in 1996. For more than 20 years of history, Sanfu has always complied with economic development and social and environmental changes to carry out diversified businesses. Through business transformation, Sanfu has grown and grown, with a total number of employees reaching over 3000.

Sanfu Textile
1996 year

Founded in

Sanfu Textile
20 year

Over 20 years of history

Sanfu Textile
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Low carbon era! We have been working hard!

Environmental protection - social responsibility, no absence, every "cloth" is wonderful!

Global Recovery Standards (GRS)

Sanfu (China) Group has passed the GRS certification standard. GRS follows the principles of tracking and traceability at all stages of production, indicating the use of recyclable materials for various products, including verifying whether materials are truly recycled. GRS does not allow the presence of chemicals identified as toxic in the production process.

Recovery production process

Sanfu (China) Group ECO-R ™ The environmentally friendly series of fabrics adopts a recycling process to dissolve and treat recyclable waste, which is then spun and woven to eventually become a producible garment fabric product.

ECO-R ™ Brand hangtag

Sanfu (China) Group's independent environmental protection yarn fabric brand ECO-R ™, Has applied for a brand patent. In the future, the Group will focus on the development of environmental protection products, reflecting the corporate social responsibility for environmental protection

Environmental traceability

Sanfu (China) Group and Taiwan Formosa Plastics Group have reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation. As the only designated manufacturer of the world's leading nylon recycled yarn raw materials in Chinese Mainland, Formosa Plastics Group has a unique competitive advantage in recycled yarn products, and its products have passed the GRS traceability certification.

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Company:Jiafu (Fujian) Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd
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Company:Fujian Hongfu Chemical Fiber Industry Co., Ltd
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