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Fitted multi-layer anti-fleece

A special laminating method is used to make the structure of a special anti-pill material with double or multiple layers.

Weaving one-piece molding double-layer anti-fleece

One-piece molding multi-layer fabric is the use of special fabric organization design and dyeing method, so that the finished product has a one-piece molding, double-layer anti-pilling special fabric structure

Fitted single layer anti-fleece

Adopt lamination processing to improve the fabric feel and texture, enhance the fabric protection performance, and at the same time can achieve anti-pill function

Coated anti-linting

The use of advanced lightweight coating technology, giving the fabric with superior anti-fleece effect, and both soft, wind and snow resistance function

Lightweight anti-fleece

High-density tissue anti-pill fabric with superior anti-pill effect, and both breathable, moisture permeable, soft, light weight and other characteristics

Elastic anti-fleece

The use of elastic materials and high-density tissues are designed to achieve elastic down-proof function and enhance the mobility and comfort of down clothing.

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