Every "cloth" is wonderful

Bio-based fabrics

Naturally grown plant materials, environmentally sustainable bio-based products, can effectively reduce the consumption of petrochemical energy

Marine fishing net recycling fabric

We collect the nets produced by the fishery industry and remanufacture the recycled environmental protection yarn, and develop a full range of environmental protection concept fabrics according to different functional requirements.

ECO-R® Recycled Fabric

Committed to the development of various environmentally friendly fabrics, the use of plastic bottles or nylon fiber products to recover raw materials and the use of recycled nylon materials made of environmentally friendly fabrics, can reduce resources, energy consumption and CO2 emissions

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Company:Jinjiang Sanfu Textile Industry Co., Ltd
Address:Chendian Industrial Zone, Longhu Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, China

Company:Jiafu (Fujian) Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd
Address:Andong Park, Jinjiang Economic Development Zone, Fujian Province


Company:Fujian Hongfu Chemical Fiber Industry Co., Ltd
Address:Jiangnan Industrial Park, Licheng District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province

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