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Waterproof and moisture permeable fabrics

Water does not soak into the fabric under certain pressure, but the sweat emitted by the human body can be conducted to the outside world in the form of water vapor through the fabric, thus avoiding the accumulation of sweat condensation between the body surface and the fabric to maintain the comfort of the garment

Three-proof fabrics

The fabric is treated to provide excellent water, oil and stain resistance, making it suitable for more wearing scenarios

Thermal storage and insulation fabrics

The new generation of functional fast heat storage and warmth fabric, the environmental energy and human body temperature will be converted into heat, truly achieve the functional effect of heat storage and warmth fabric

Antistatic fabrics

Anti-static fabric can prevent the generation of static electricity, providing the wearer with a healthy, comfortable and safe feeling

Anti-mosquito fabrics

It can effectively repel mosquitoes and has the advantages of being environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless and non-irritating to the skin, etc.

Intelligent temperature control fabric

Gives fabrics the ability to dynamically respond to body surface temperature and achieve temperature equilibrium

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