Every "cloth" is wonderful

Light-sensitive fabrics

Use of fabric structure, thread differentiation or fabric surface by special processing to present the effect of bright, polished, matte, oil, wax, etc. on the fabric surface

Fancy yarn fabric

A series of twist-look fabrics with two-color blends are developed using blended materials, various tissue designs, and excellent dyeing and finishing techniques.

Jacquard textured fabrics

When weaving the fabric, the warp and weft yarns are interwoven to form a pattern with a fashionable appearance.

Three-dimensional look fabric

The fabric is processed through secondary processing, and with the design skills, the fabric presents a variety of appearance. Some of the fabrics even join the fold, punching, PU transfer film, three-dimensional embossing, flocking, special printing and other appearance processing changes, both beautiful, comfortable and popular characteristics

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