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Fancy yarn fabric


  • Commodity name: Fancy yarn fabric


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Product introduction:

The use of DuPont SORONA yarn weaving, containing 37% environmental protection biological material, energy saving and emission reduction, can effectively reduce the consumption of petrochemical energy, because of its dual material composition, coloring differentiation leads to the dyeing cloth hemp gray texture effect, with imitation cotton texture, mechanical elasticity, moisture absorption and quick drying and other effects, finishing using composite TPU transparent film, fitting feel thick, good resilience, and at the same time better cost performance than PU anti-velvet and breathable film, and the fabric has the characteristics of anti-velvet and breathable.


Product Selling Points:

1: Eco-friendly biomass 2: Imitation cotton texture 3: Moisture absorption and quick drying 4: Mechanical elasticity 5 : Fleece resistant and breathable


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